(9 Feb 2021)


Lots of you have been contacting us and asking about our future events for 2021. Some of you are wondering which events will go ahead this year whilst others are wanting to book and pay for some of our future events.

Roadtrippers Events currently have some 13 events planned for 2021, with several more in the pipeline and yet to be released. So, I wanted to give you an update on where we are presently at giving the current circumstances.

Firstly, I want to let you know that here at Roadtrippers HQ we are monitoring the situation very closely and are in regular contact with the relevant people, councils, and government advisors etc. I want to make it very clear that everyone’s safety will always be the top priority of Roadtrippers Events.

From a government stance, there has been no grand proclamation that events and festivals are cancelled in 2021 or that they are still on. As with all things in the COVID-19 era, it's up in the air. However, as you are aware, several major acts and large music festivals, including some festivals and pride events within our community have cancelled and given up any hope of holding their events in 2021.

Many of these cancellation announcements from the large events and festivals are due to the sheer size of them. The large events and festivals that have already cancelled involve planning and financial commitment of monstrous proportions and if they did not run as planned or suffered any last-minute cancellations it could have huge financial damages to their businesses in what is an already struggling industry.

Now, please let me reassure you that all of our events for 2021 have been planned with the current circumstances in mind. Amongst other things, we have capped numbers at all our events and have strategically organised each event so that we will not need to cancel or reschedule it until the month before. This forward thinking means that we do not have to commit to making drastic decisions now for events taking place in 6-9 months and will allow us to be flexible and have the ability to adapt quickly, giving us the best chances of being able to provide you with some events this year.

In particular our Unity Fest festival was created and planned to specifically only have 200 festival goers. This was done strategically to not only help the event have an intimate and included feeling but to also give it the best chances of being able to go ahead in a safe capacity.

Should we however need to reschedule/cancel any events this will be done on a as need to basis and your booking will automatically roll over to the new dates, or if you so wish, have a refund. Roadtrippers Events and Unity Fest both have refund policies so you can still book onto all our events with confidence.

We, as with a lot of other people are still very hopeful and positive that our events and Unity Fest will still go ahead. More and more people are being vaccinated, the government is also already looking ahead and into different options on how to get outdoor events up and running again in the summer, and we are also working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you some events to look forward to this year.

On that note… its business as usual for Roadtrippers Events and Unity Fest. Over the next weeks and months, we will be opening ticket sales and allowing you to book onto our current announced events, be launching some new events, and continue to keep you informed of new additions, improvements and updates to our current events and Unity Fest.

If allowed and safe to do so, we have one hell of a year planned for you… 2021 is not over yet!

Nicola Last

Company Director & Festival Organiser

Roadtrippers Events / Unity Fest