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Roadtrippers Events is a lesbian centric events business, and we are unapologetically aimed towards serving the needs of the lesbian community. We are also inclusive of bi & transgender women.


We welcome everyone who supports lesbian, bi and transgender women as long as they behave respectfully to all members, crew members and volunteers. Roadtrippers Events does however reserve the right to exclude anyone from their events/online community who is behaving disrespectful. We will not tolerate any discrimination or bullying behaviour to anybody attending any of our events, interacting on our social media platforms, or within our online community. Should this be reported the person/s will be asked to leave our events and/or be removed/blocked from our social media platforms and online community.


Roadtrippers Events Limited and the event organiser will not be held responsible for any injury, accident, fatality, illness, loss or damage suffered to you or your property at any of our events, any travel to/from or during such events, or in connection with our events, however caused.





Roadtrippers Events Limited has a zero-drug policy. Any person/s found to be either possessing, using, or distributing any type of illegal drug/substance will be asked to leave our events and will be reported to the police.





Roadtrippers Events Limited events are non-refundable. In the unfortunate event that a member or booking holder can no longer attend an event it will be up to the member or booking holder to resell their ticket/pass/booking/wristband.


Please note that any reselling of tickets/passes/bookings/wristbands must only be sold to the appropriate audience and you MUST inform Roadtrippers Events Limited of the exchange along with the new holders’ details:


If an event is unable to go ahead beyond Roadtrippers Events Limited’s control for such reasons as Covid-19, national mourning, acts of god, or if the organiser has to cancel for whatever reason, bookings will automatically be carried forward if the event is to be rescheduled. Should the event not be rescheduled a refund will be given. If you do not wish for your booking to be forwarded to the rescheduled date, then please email us at Roadtrippers Events Limited within 30 days of the date of cancellation and we will issue a refund: Please note that all refunds will be subject to a £10 administration fee and any card/booking fees will not be refunded.

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