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Roadtrippers Events has created Unity Fest to bring a unique and different annual weekend festival for lesbian, bi, and transgender women.

The festival offers a variety of entertainment, live music acts, exciting activities, and fun workshops.

Unity Fest aims to create a safe space for lesbian, bi, and transgender women. To unite and encourage social interaction, friendship, and acceptance of one another.

Sometimes for various reasons people can't feel or be themselves in their everyday life. Some people even feel very isolated within the area/community in which they live. Whilst at Unity Fest we want to help you feel freedom and want you to be your truly fablous self in the company of like minded women.

We aim to create the dynamics of a large scale festival feeling without losing the sentiment of intimacy and inclusion.

Lots of us have been there... At festivals, events and concerts with such large crowds of people, and we have felt very alone or anxious... Unity Fest aims to be different to this!

Our festival director has several years experience organising events and working festivals, with solos, couples, and groups. She will endevour to do her very best to make everyone feel very welcome and to help everyone feel a big part of the Unity Fest Family.

So whether you're a shy single, an extrovert solo, or a couple, we want to welcome you with open arms and aim to make you feel at home from the moment you arrive.


Just £120 (Including FREE Camping & Parking)